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Click here to go to our how to book page - this has our email address. Once we confirm availability, send your booking fee to confirm, then the balance is due via cash or bank transfer on arrival!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find you?

Click here to go to our how to book page - this gives our address, phone number and a map.

 If you use our postcode in a sat nav you may end up 100 yards down the road!  We are about 200 yards from the sharp bend just outside West Row, towards Beck Row.

Can I have a camp fire?



How do I book?

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved owners and their pets are always welcome!  However, your dog must remain on a lead whilst here.

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How to Book

RAF Mildenhall

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Onsite Facilities

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Can I have a BBQ?

Yes, but you need to make sure you put your BBQ up on bricks to avoid burning the grass.  (Likewise, don't pour or put anything hot on the grass!)  We have bricks available for you to use.  Please ask.

Yes, provided the fire is in an off the ground fire pit or barbeque.  This protects the grass from being burnt.

Can I have visitors?

You are welcome to have people visit who are not staying.  There is a charge of £2 each for day visitors for use of the toilets and parking.

How big are your pitches?

A standard pitch is 9m x 10m.  If your tent (including guy ropes) or caravan/motorhome goes over this size then please let us know when you book. We have 2 smaller pitches reserved for cyclists,  hikers or small camper vans without awnings and additional cars.

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Do you have Wifi?

Yes!  The whole site has access to the Camping Connect subscription network at reasonable prices


What is arrival and departure time?


Check-in time:  After 1pm UNLESS by prior agreement.  

Check-out time is 12 Noon on the day of departure.

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Do you take Credit Cards?

No, they charge small businesses far too much! We take booking fees via online bank transfer or cheque.  Please be prepared to pay the balance via cash or bank transfer on arrival.

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How do I check-in on arrival?

Stop at the barrier.  Walk to reception which is straight ahead of you, and then over to the left at the rear of the blue/grey bungalow.  Ring the bell and we will get you checked in and give you the code for the barrier.

Can we recycle our rubbish?

We have seperate bins for glass, plastic bottles and cans.   Please make sure you squash the air out of plastic bottles first. Take large items, like chairs and airbeds to the local tip, or home with you!

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